April 5, 2017

Representative Lundgren passes historical pro-life bill


Pro-Life supporters praise the Iowa House of Representatives for passing legislation that bans almost all abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.  Republican Rep. Shannon Lundgren who managed the bill on the House floor, called it an honor to be a part of legislation that saves the lives of unborn babies.  "This bill saves babies lives while still protecting the life and health of the mother." she said.

May 1, 2018

Iowa Legislature passes "heartbeat" abortion bill


After debate that extended more than 12 hours, members of the Iowa House of Representatives passed and sent to the Governor a bill that would ban abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected.  Rep. Shannon Lundgren (R-Peosta) floor managed the bill and stated that "The Supreme Court's hands are tied by 40-year old case law that has allowed 60-million babies to be aborted."   

May 5, 2018

Representative Lundgren addresses Iowa's Opioid Epidemic


Tonight the House passed a comprehensive bill to combat the opioid epidemic in Iowa.  The bill prevents doctor shopping, reduces over prescribing and supports Iowan's suffering from addiction.  "This is a problem that is in our own backyards" stated Lundgren on the floor during debate.

November 27, 2018

Speaker Upmeyer announces Committee Chairs for the 88th General Assembly


Today, House Speaker Linda Upmeyer (R-Clear Lake) announced that Representive Shannon Lundgren (R-Peosta) will serve as the new Chairwoman of the House Human Resources Committee.  This committee is responsible for the State's health policies. "Rep. Lundgren was a clear choice, after she took on some of the states most complicated health policy legislation as a freshman lawmaker" said Upmeyer.  "She has proven to be resourceful, pragmatic and will serve her committee and the state well."

March 21, 2019

House Passes Children's Mental Health Proposal


A bill that creates the frame work for a children's mental health system in Iowa passed the Iowa House of Representatives. The bill's floor manager, Rep. Shannon Lundgren (R-Peosta) says "it creates a statewide children's mental health board and orders each region to hire a children's services coordinator.  It also establishes eligibility standards and mandates that certain services be provided, including early identification, medication prescribing and management, outpatient therapy, crisis stabilization and inpatient treatment. Identifying and treating brain health issues early, will allow children to grow up and lead healthy productive lives.  The fragmented services that are currently offered are not easily navigated for families, making it difficult for their children to get the help they need."

June 12, 2020

Occupational License Reform
Rep. Shannon Lundgren successfully passed bi-partisan legislation that offers additional pathways to occupational licensing in the state.  This bill was presented by Governor Kim Reynolds and was necessary to help Iowa recruit and retain a strong workforce. Her work also lead to an invitation to the White House for an event on rolling back regulations to help all Americans.  "Our state will not continue to grow and prosper without a well developed workforce. We must continue to remove burdens that are keep hard working Iowan's from moving back to our state, or advancing in their career and staying here in Iowa ."  states Lundgren.

December 4, 2020

Speaker Grassley announces 89th General Assembly Committee Chiars
Rep. Shannon Lundgren has been appointed to serve as the committee chairwoman of Commerce for the Iowa House of representatives.  The Commerce Committee is considered on of the most influential committee appointments and Chairwoman Lundgren will be responsible for legislative oversite and policy relating to telecommunications, consumer protection, energy delivery, the insurance commission as well as the division of banking.

May 7, 2021

Cocktails to Go
Rep. Shannon Lundgren passes bi-partisan industry specific legislation that offers the ability for bars and restaurants to serve cocktails to go with their carry-out food.  This bill was introduced by Rep. Lundgren in part due to  Governor Kim Reynolds proclamation in 2020 that allowed the bar and restaurant industry to sell cocktails, while seating in their establishments was restricted.  "In light of the pandemic, the Food & Beverage industry was hit extremely hard, while states did what the could to slow the spread of COVID-19.  Bars and Restaurants had to adjust their business plans to move from dine in seating to carry out only.  As the pandemic carried on, some restrictions were eased to allow dine in, but at a reduced occupancy.  Customers enjoyed the ability to pick up their dinner and take home their favorite beverage to enjoy at home and we wanted to give the industry an oppertunity to continue that practice."  states Lundgren.


HF 235A bill for an act relating to service charges on consumer credit transactions. (Formerly HSB 69.) Effective date: 07/01/2021.

HF 236A bill for an act relating to life insurance company or association cash reinvestments in repurchase agreements collateralized by securities, and including applicability provisions. (Formerly HSB 32.) Effective date: 07/01/2021. Applicability date: 01/01/2022.

HF 258A bill for an act relating to the financial exploitation of designated eligible adults, and making an appropriation.(Formerly HSB 113; See HF 839.)

HF 284A bill for an act relating to the qualifications necessary for an applicant for licensure as a professional engineer. (Formerly HSB 89.) Effective date: 07/01/2021.

HF 384A bill for an act relating to alcohol beverage control concerning certain class “C” liquor control licenses and the delivery of certain alcoholic beverages. (Formerly HSB 90.)

HF 390A bill for an act relating to notice requirements prior to discontinuing fluoridation in a public water supply system. (Formerly HF 84.) Effective date: 07/01/2021.

HF 454A bill for an act prohibiting pyramid promotional schemes and making penalties applicable.(Formerly HSB 33.)

HF 460A bill for an act relating to vegetation management by certain electric suppliers.(Formerly HSB 149.)

HF 483A bill for an act relating to matters under the purview of the utilities division of the department of commerce.(Formerly HSB 137; See HF 693.)

HF 498A bill for an act relating to the practices of performing rights societies. (Formerly HSB 180.)

HF 502A bill for an act relating to various matters under the purview of the insurance division of the department of commerce, providing fees, making an appropriation, and resolving inconsistencies.(Formerly HSB 119; See HF 838.)

HF 526A bill for an act relating to price transparency and cost-sharing for prescription drugs, and including applicability provisions.(Formerly HSB 46.)

HF 555A bill for an act prohibiting counties and cities from regulating the sale of natural gas and propane. (Formerly HSB 166.) Effective date: 07/01/2021.

HF 556A bill for an act providing for the termination of dealership agreements involving agricultural equipment. (Formerly HSB 181.) Effective date: 07/01/2021.

HF 583A bill for an act relating to private flood insurance, and including future repeal provisions. (Formerly HSB 165.) Effective date: 07/01/2021.

HF 682A bill for an act relating to the Iowa appraisal standards and appraiser certification law and making penalties applicable. (Formerly HSB 176.)

HF 700A bill for an act relating to rate regulatory proceedings before the utilities board within the utilities division of the department of commerce.(Formerly HSB 206.)

HF 724A bill for an act relating to the treatment of adoptive parent employees and making penalties applicable. (Formerly HSB 218.)

HF 729A bill for an act relating to pharmacy benefits managers, pharmacies, and prescription drug benefits, and including applicability provisions.(Formerly HSB 228.)

HF 730A bill for an act relating to unfair or deceptive acts or practices in the rental of vehicles and making penalties applicable.(Formerly HF 677.)

HF 741A bill for an act relating to the location and marking of underground facilities and providing penalties.(Formerly HSB 207.)

HF 759A bill for an act providing for actions taken by a board of directors of a corporation without a meeting.(Formerly HSB 234.)

HF 772A bill for an act relating to tort liability, including employer liability in civil actions involving commercial motor vehicles and arising from an employee’s negligence, punitive or exemplary damages, and noneconomic damages available against owners or operators of commercial motor vehicles.(Formerly HSB 259.)

HF 779A bill for an act permitting landlords to use security deposits to satisfy delinquent utility accounts.(Formerly HF 658.)