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"District 65 deserves representation that reflects our values.  As a mom, wife and business owner, I understand what keeps people up at night, because I am one of those people.  I value hard work and personal responsibility. I believe in giving a hand up and not a hand out and, that government should be smaller and less burdensome to the tax payer. I have always promised to listen, as I stand up to defend our district values and our constitutional rights."

Growing the Economy

Dubuque County needs family-supporting jobs. Creating a strong business climate in the state that allows businesses to grow, hire and offer good benefits to their employees takes a reduction of burdensome regulations and high tax rates. During my experience as a business owner, I understand that you can't spend more than you take in.  That burdensome government laws should be reviewed and changed to ensure a positive business climate so that Iowa's economy can grow.  


Finding ways to get people to work by offering opportunities through programs like future ready Iowa and occupational licensing reform, will allow people to follow a career path that will lead them to better paying jobs and help fill the workforce shortage that we have in our state.


Putting our children first should always be our priority.  Iowa parents and classroom educators know and understand that.  We learned some important lessons during the COVID-19 pandemic. With many children being taught online, parents were literally in the classroom with their kids.  They could see first hand what curriculum was being used and how  that curriculum was being taught.  Our students, parents and educators learned how to collaborate differently based on the student's needs, and none of it was easy.  The relationship between students, teachers and parents is extremely important.  Allowing school districts to have more input in what works for the families they serve is one of the most important things the state can do.  The media focuses on the money, and funding is important.  Nearly 10.4 billion will be spent in 2020-2021 between Federal, State and Local funding.  But, the bottom line is, flexibility. Ensuring that districts can spend their funding where they need it will benefit our children in the long run.  It's always about the kids!

Defending Life

I was honored to be a part of Iowa's bold to protect life over the past several years.  As the floor manager of the bill that banned abortion after 20-weeks, we helped save at least one baby a week within our state.  I floor managed the Heartbeat Bill which passed the house in 2019 and most recently, I floor managed the 24-Hour waiting period prior to an abortion which is now law.  I am pro-life from conception until natural death, and will continue to work to defend life at all stages.

Expanding Brain Health Access

As your representative, I passed several bills that provided services for the brain health and complex needs for adults and children in our communities.  I am dedicated to seeing that those needs are met for all Iowa citizens, with services available to all who need it, when they need it.  After access to care, outcomes are another big priority for me.  We need to ensure that the services available in our state, are helping people become healthy and productive.

Just as important as access, is that the providers are available to fit the need.  I have actively worked on legislation that helps us recruit and retains mental health providers with innovative loan programs and optional telehealth access.

Safe & Secure Elections

As a member of the State Government Committee, I have had the opportunity to work on several election bills that fulfill the request of the majority of Iowans.  A few years ago, we passed Voter ID legislation that was upheld as constitutional.  Whether you vote in person or by absentee ballot, you want your vote to count and requiring an ID to vote in person, or using that identifying information on an absentee ballot request, helps to ensure the integrity of our elections.

Back the Blue

Now more than ever, it is important to support our law enforcement.  In light of today's rhetoric, law enforcement have a more dangerous job than ever before.  In Iowa, we support our men and women in uniform and with recent legislation, they know that we have their backs, just like they protect ours.

1st Amendment

Free Speech is protected by the first amendment.  We are now witnessing the stifling of free speech by big tech companies who have a monopoly on social media,  mainstream news organizations. and higher education universities.  We must do what we can to protect free speech and not allow these organizations to decide who can be heard.

2nd Amendment

The right to keep and bear arms is protected under the US Constitution in the 2nd Amendment.  I have always and will continue to protect your right to defend yourself, your family and your business.

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