"District 57 deserves representation that reflects our values.  As a mom, wife and business owner, I understand what keeps people up at night, because I am one of those people.  I value hard work and personal responsibility. I believe in giving a hand up and not a hand out and, that government should be smaller and less burdensome to the tax payer. I have always promised to listen, as I stand up to defend our district values and our constitutional rights."
Growing the Economy

"Dubuque County needs family-supporting jobs. Creating a strong business climate in the state that allows businesses to grow, hire and offer good benefits to their employees takes a reduction of burdensome regulations and high tax rates. During my experience as a business owner, I understand that you can't spend more than you take in.  That burdensome government laws should be reviewed and changed to ensure a positive business climate so that Iowa's economy can grow.  


Finding ways to get people to work by offering opportunities through programs like future ready Iowa and occupational licensing reform, will allow people to follow a career path that will lead them to better paying jobs and help fill the workforce shortage that we have in our state."


Defending Life

"I was honored to be a part of Iowa's bold stance against abortion during the past several sessions, which helped to save at least one baby a week within our state.  Life is precious and I will always fight to protect the all lives in our state."


Fiscal Responsibility

"Conservative budgeting practices are as important in the private sector as it is in government spending.  Iowa is in a much better place financiallly than other states because we take this responibility very serioursly.  When an Economic disaster hits, we are prepared with savings that can help maintian the states obligations without burdening the tax payer."

Expanding Mental Health Access

"As your representative, I helped present and pass several bills that provided for the mental health and complex needs for adults and children in our communities.  I am dedicated to seeing that those needs are met for all Iowa citizens.

Just as important as access, is that the providers are availalbe to fit the need.  I have activley worked on legislation that helps us recruit and retains mental health providers with innovative loan programs and optional telehealth access."

Safe & Secure Elections

"As a member of the State Government Committee, I have had the opperunity to work on several election bills that fulfill the request of the majoirty of Iowans.  A few years ago, we passed Voter ID legislation that was upheld as constitutional.  Wether you vote in person or by absentee ballot, you want your vote to count and requireing an ID to vote in person, or using that identifying information on an absentee ballot request, helps to ensure the integrity of our elections."



"Iowa’s children and our local schools are at the top of my list of priorities. That’s why I’ll always fight to provide our schools with sustainable funding and ensure that resources are making their way into the classroom where they belong!"

2nd Amendment

"I have stood on the House Floor in defense of our 2nd Amendment Rights in the State of Iowa.  I beleive that people have the right to defend themesleves, their family, their home and their businesses."


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